Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Occasionally, a dispute can be handled outside of the courtroom. The dispute may not have to go to court, before a judge or before a jury. This type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can take the form of mediation or arbitration.

Understanding Dispute Resolution

Mediation or arbitration can be ordered by a judge or be required by a contract or insurance policy. For example, alternative methods of dispute resolution can be used to settle business or commercial disputes or insurance claims or disputes.

These alternative resolutions often take less of an adversarial approach and more of a collaborative approach to settling disputes. They can be a faster and less expensive way to settle disputes and sometimes offer flexibility to the parties that is not possible in a formal court setting. However, especially in the case of binding arbitration or mediation, people or businesses find it helpful to have legal representation.

Experienced Dispute Resolution Attorneys

When entering into an arbitration or mediation, you may want to consult an attorney. You will want to consult an attorney with the experience and professionalism to manage your hearing. That is The Chestnut Firm.

The Chestnut Firm first listens and gathers a full understanding of the facts of your case. Once we hear the facts of your case, The Chestnut Firm will offer you an honest, straight-forward assessment of the merits of your case and advise you of your options. We can also refer and gather experts when the subject matter is highly technical and warrants it.

If you are looking to settle a dispute through ADR, please contact The Chestnut Firm today to schedule a free case evaluation. We proudly represent personal injury victims nationwide, with offices in Jacksonville, Gainesville and Miami, Fla.; Atlanta, Ga.; and Charlotte, N.C.