False Claims Act Lawyers

Helping Those Who Help Others By Reporting Wrongful Conduct

The federal government relies on whistleblowers — everyday people in the trenches of life — to report wrongdoing that results in theft or misappropriation of the government's resources. The False Claims Act rewards those who report fraudulent activity that drains public resources. If you successfully bring a claim (called a qui tam claim) reporting fraudulent conduct, you can receive a potentially significant monetary award, sometimes surpassing millions of dollars.

There are countless ways for corporations, companies and vendors that do business with the federal government to defraud taxpayers by siphoning off money or resources. Examples include:

  • Double-billing the government
  • Billing for services or products not rendered
  • Submitting false representations on bids
  • Providing defective or deficient products
  • Accepting illegal kickbacks
  • Submitting false representations to qualify for grants or special programs
  • Falsifying bills or records
  • Fraudulently obtaining government funds or incentives set aside for specific purposes such as minority business enterprise fraud
  • Laundering or misappropriate government funds through sham companies

When Something Seems Fishy ...

If something at your business or place of work seems fishy, it might warrant a closer look. Your suspicion could help root out scandals and blatant acts of injustice.

As a whistleblower, you are entitled to certain protections. You cannot be fired, demoted or mistreated at work in retaliation for reporting your employer's misconduct. In fact, in most cases, your identity will remain completely anonymous.

Passionate About Justice. Proudly Protecting The Underdogs.

At The Chestnut Firm, we share a fundamental passion for justice. It takes a tremendous amount of courage for whistleblowers to come forward and decide to press ahead in pursuit of what's right. Our role is to come alongside you and guide you through the process, ensuring that your rights and interests are protected. We will fight hard to help you receive the maximum financial recovery.

As a nationally renowned law firm with a strong foundation of experience and cutting-edge strategies, we have successfully fought legal battles against large, impersonal corporations and established institutions. Our lawyers are not afraid to take on goliaths and stand up for the underdogs. In fact, we consider ourselves to be underdogs, deeply rooted in urban America and attuned to the challenges that everyday people face.

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