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The culture of hazing has a dark side. Some people assume hazing is a harmless ritual — a rite of passage which, while not particularly enjoyable for the victim, nonetheless results in no long-term repercussions. But hazing is fundamentally a dangerous form of bullying. And all too often, what started out as supposedly innocent fun can quickly cross a line, especially when drugs or alcohol is involved.

When hazing takes a dire turn, the unwilling victim can suffer serious personal injury or death. No one should have to endure such a tragic ordeal. Young lives should not be shattered — their futures obliterated — as the price for joining a new sports team, fraternity, sorority, band or other organization.

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If you lost a loved one or were seriously injured during a hazing ritual, we at The Chestnut Firm understand how difficult it can be to wrap your head around such a senseless act. We have represented others in your same unfortunate position. Our firm gained national renown in part due to our handling of the Robert D. Champion wrongful death case. We represented the family members of a Florida A&M drum major who tragically lost his life at the hands of fellow band mates during a brutal hazing ritual.

As your advocates and allies, we will help you get to the bottom of what happened and why. We will use every means available within the justice system to help you find answers — and, if possible, closure.

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Schools, universities and other institutions often permit a cruel hazing culture to take root and flourish. School officials frequently overlook dangerous hazing rituals — some of which even take place on campus or during school-sanctioned events. While some states embrace anti-hazing laws, hazing activities are still prevalent and widespread.

At The Chestnut Firm, we can help you seek justice in holding all responsible parties accountable for their wrongdoing. As one of the nation's leading personal injury law firms, we have won outstanding results, including multimillion-dollar victories, for injury victims. Our lawyers are not afraid to take on even the largest, most established institutions in pursuit of what's right.

At The Chestnut Firm, a passion for justice drives all we do.

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If you or a loved one was a victim of a hazing ritual that resulted in serious injuries or death, contact The Chestnut Firm today at 855-5-CHESTNUT to receive a free consultation. Based in Atlanta, our attorneys handle hazing injury claims across the country, and we can be anywhere in the United States within 24 hours.

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