Gunshot Wounds

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Every year, thousands of gunshot wounds occur in the United States. Some of them lead to wrongful death, while others leave victims with serious personal injuries that may have life-long consequences. Many gunshot wounds are accidental, resulting from misuse of a firearm, carelessness while hunting, or other crossfire incidents. Unfortunately, other gunshot wounds are the result of intentional malice or wrongdoing.

Types of Gunshot Wounds

Guns are capable of inflicting irreversible damage to the human body. Depending on the bullet's point of entry and trajectory, a person's wounds can vary. Some of the most common types of gunshot injuries include:

All of these injuries can change the life of a victim, limiting their ability to work in the future and burdening them with overwhelming medical expenses. This is all in addition to the immense physical and emotional trauma that comes with a gunshot wound.

Gunshot Injury and Wrongful Death

If one of your loved ones has been killed by an errant gunshot, their loss can impact you and your family in immeasurable ways. Many of our clients are mothers who are left without financial support when their child's father dies from a gunshot wound.

Our attorneys are compassionate and sensitive to the needs of grieving families, especially in the aftermath of such a sudden and violent event. By helping you pursue a wrongful death case, we can ensure you and your family are provided for in the years to come.

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