Wrongful Death Lawyers

Nothing can prepare you for the tragic loss of a loved one. A fatal accident can strike out of the blue, crushing you and your family like a thousand-ton freight train.

That resounding question of "why?" can be even more unbearable if your loved one's death was preventable. When another's callous disregard or negligence contributed to your loss, you deserve financial recovery and closure.

Champions For Victims Of Injustice

At The Chestnut Firm, one of the country's leading personal injury law firms, we can stand beside you in your heartache and serve as warriors in pursuing justice for your loved one. We provide smart, experienced guidance for individuals and families just like you — people whose lives have been forever altered because of another's wrongdoing. You can count on us to pursue justice with the absolute determination your case deserves.

Our success is evident in our results. We have won multimillion-dollar verdicts on behalf of clients around the country. Our firm also handles fatalities resulting from:

Attorney Chestnut has been featured in thousands of media outlets around the world, and he has earned extensive recognition for his accomplishments in the personal injury field.

Injury victims across the country turn to The Chestnut Firm for proven experience. Our passion for justice has translated to multimillion-dollar results. Why settle for anything less?

We Understand. We Care.

We understand the difficulties you are facing. Attorney Christopher M. Chestnut's roots in the Chestnut Funeral Home, a well-established business with a legacy spanning 100 years, gave him insight into the tragic toll of fatal accidents. By serving bereaved families in the funeral home context, Mr. Chestnut developed a strong foundation of dignity and respect that continues to permeate his wrongful death practice today. He also gained a thorough understanding of mortuary law and claims relating to mortuary issues.

We Can Be Anywhere In The Country Within 24 Hours

Get experience and proven results-oriented representation. Contact The Chestnut Firm at 855-5-CHESTNUT for a free consultation. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, our lawyers handle wrongful death cases nationwide. No recovery, no fee.

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