Mortuary Issues & Claims

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When a loved one passes on, it is important that those left behind are treated with the respect that they need in such difficult times. Unfortunately, problems often arise in funeral planning and execution, and the services of a qualified attorney become necessary.

Very few attorneys specialize in mortuary law. The Chestnut Firm's long-standing association with Chestnut Funeral Homes has contributed to our attorneys' extensive knowledge of mortuary law for many years now. Attorney Christopher Chestnut serves as the General Counsel to the Florida Morticians Association.

Florida mortuary law issues typically arise when the funeral, the preparation of the deceased's body or some form of financial dispute comes from a client's dealings with the funeral home or crematory. These issues can be emotionally distressing to family members. Our mortuary law attorneys at our law office understand these stresses and want to help relieve you of any undue pressure from these situations.

If you believe that you have a mortuary law claim or if your funeral home or mortuary is facing such a claim, please contact The Chestnut Firm today. One of our mortuary attorneys will be waiting to discuss the details of your case with you.