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Research shows link between cortical plasticity and pain

Many Floridians suffer spinal cord injuries each year, and some experience either paraplegia or quadriplegia as a result. Recent research into people with paraplegia and quadriplegia demonstrates a link between suffering neuropathic pain and cortical plasticity.

Understanding anterior cord syndrome

Florida residents may recognize that a spinal cord injury can be debilitating and permanent. An incomplete cord injury may resolve over time, but a complete injury may cause permanent loss of motor and sensory functions. Anterior cord syndrome has one of the worst outlooks due to the fact that this injury is actually caused by interference with the blood supply to the anterior spinal artery.

Study shows nerve regeneration possible in spinal cord patients

According to a new study published in a peer-reviewed medical journal, it may be possible to regenerate nerve function in patients with spinal cord injuries. The research could eventually impact spinal cord treatments in Florida and nationwide. Researchers from Minnesota's Mayo Clinic used mice models of spinal cord injuries to demonstrate full transections of animals with spinal injuries. They implanted biomaterial scaffolds into the models to promote nerve regeneration and achieved positive results. However, the regeneration was not enough for full recovery.

An overview of central cord syndrome

An auto accident on Florida roads can lead to serious injuries that are immediately evident or those that take some time to manifest symptoms. Central cord syndrome is an incomplete injury of the spinal cord and can lead to problems with feelings and movements in the hands and legs. An incomplete injury might improve over time, but it is possible that some or all adverse symptoms will linger.

New brain-controlled device could help Florida patients

For most people, proper communication between the brain and other muscles in the body makes moving easy. However, if that connection is severed, it can be difficult if not impossible to use some or all parts of the body. New developments in brain-controlled devices may enable a patient with such an injury to regain some or all motor function.

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